Abstract Lyricism

Press Release by Angela Di Bello, Director at Agora Gallery, Soho, New York

In smoldering reds, effulgent clouds of gold, and the insubstantial wisps of blue sky, Elin Neumann depicts nebulous landscapes and blushing firmament - the numinous results of weather, land and light.

Neumann creates her art in a continual process of application of media, undoing, and reworking. Her paintings achieve an immense depth of space and intimate the sky ablaze at dusk and a truly substantive quality of light.

In the thick silence of vacuity, distance, and the gradual but utter transformation of space and materiality, Neumann's works project a sensation of flight - of motion and altitude - in views implausible to the earth-bound observer.

Gathering storm clouds bear an apocalyptic tinge in their dramatic formations and spectacular hues. Neumann's paintings seek the sublime through immaterial space and color, with a romantic impulse towards spontaneity and the reverence of nature.

Neumann studied at The Design School in Kolding, Denmark, and the Aarhus Art Academy. She has participated in exhibitions both in Denmark and abroad.